So Much More Than Just a Platform

We're building technologies that help people to share knowledge and collaborate more securely with anyone, everywhere.

Meet, learn and collaborate in just one place.

Everything secure, for everyone, everywhere.

Open Courses in 14 Languages

Explore a learning experience fuelled by community-based learning and leverage AI-driven recommendations to find the right content for you. All through the power of engaging and unique digital learning experiences.

Secure Team Collaboration

Connect securely with instant message one-to-one or with a group wherever you are. Messages and publications are encrypted and encryption keys exist only on users' browsers. So, no one—not even us—can read your messages.

Unlimited Private Video Calls

Meet more efficiently with video conferencing up to 50 participants. Using your browser, share your video, desktop, and presentations with customers and teammates. Make as many calls as you want, for as long as you want.

End-to-End Encryption

Conduct your online meetings in complete security with active default encryption, password protection and customisable waiting rooms to put your participants on hold.

Introducing HyWebOS™

The First Encrypted Collaborative Platform That Truly Respects Your Privacy

Our mission is to build the Internet of tomorrow that increases access to knowledge for everyone and protects privacy by making encrypted communications the default online. It is therefore to meet this mission that we have created HyWebOS™, the first web-based operating system dedicated to collaborative learning & secure team collaboration. Our goal is to offer everyone a unique solution bringing together secure collaboration and knowledge sharing into one place with an end-to-end encrypted cloud platform for collaborative learning, private video calls and secure instant messaging

But unlike most of collaborative platforms who offer data encryption "at rest and in transit", we do not decrypt your data (and we can't) on cloud servers. Encryption keys are created by you and remain entirely in your hands. Always.

Designed First for Mobile

Our "Mobile First" Approach Instead of "Desktop First"

In 2015, Google identified for the first time more traffic on the mobile internet than on computers. In response to this trend, we have placed mobile at the heart of our strategy. Our goal: to allow you to collaborate wherever you are, even on the go, and to offer the same quality experience for mobile devices as on a desktop computer.

Protection of Your Privacy

Absolute Confidentiality in the Treatment of Your Data

Since we are convinced that privacy is a fundamental right, we have created a unique ecosystem whose mission is to guarantee the highest confidentiality of your data. And it's following this commitment with the firm objective of contributing to a more privacy-friendly Internet that we have also decided to implement the Privacy 3.0 standard, making it impossible to sell your personal data.

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